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Третий тип условных предложений рассматривает ситуацию-предположение, которая относится к прошедшему и является, поэтому, невыполнимой. В главном предложении употребляется would + have + Past Participle, а в придаточном предложении глагол употребляется в Past Perfect.

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Упражнение 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (Conditional 3).

  1. If the government ____________ (give) more money to the factory it _____________ (not close).
  2. If the government ___________ (build) flood barriers, we __________ (not have) the floods last year.
  3. If Dan ___________ (know) how to swim, he ____________ (not drown).
  4. If Molly __________ (listen) to the weather- forecast, she ______________ (know) it was going to rain.
  5. If Greg _____________ (tell) me he was ill, I  ____________  (be) more sympathetic. .
  6. If she __________ (prepare) for the exam, she  __________ (pass) it.
  7. If Bill _________ (see) the house, he ________ ( not buy) it.
  8. These words ___________ (roughly express) Bob’s feelings, if he __________ (be) capable of reasoning.
  9. But what ___________ (you do), if you ________ (see) what I saw
  10. It ___________ (be) all done though, if Jill __________ (help) at the right time.


Упражнение 2. Do you ever think about what would or would not have happened if … ? Make a chain story, using the following.

If I _____________ (not use) so much gas, I _____________ (not have) such a big gas bill.

If I _____________ (must not) pay my gas bill, I  _____________ (not go) out in the rain.

If I_____________ (not go) out in the rain, I _____________ (not catch) a cold.

If I  _____________ (not catch) a cold, I _____________ (not carry) a handkerchief.

If I_____________ (not carry) a handkerchief, I_____________ (not drop) it.

If I _____________  (not drop) my handkerchief, Juan _____________ (not pick) it up.

If Juan_____________ (not pick) up my handkerchief, we_____________ (never meet).

Moral: Paying bills can be a good thing.

Упражнение 3. Correct the third Conditional sentences if you see any mistakes. Some of the sentences are correct.

  1. Molly might have thought that Paul was enjoying the weather, if there had been any to enjoy.
  2. If Krassotkin had known what an effect his words might have on the child, nothing would have had induced him to play this trick on him.
  3. Even if Jack had died, he wouldn’t just the same has escaped from his horrible position.
  4. It can all have gone off more harmoniously if Peter had taken the trouble to embellish his story.
  5. I wonder what might have happened if a Gatling (скорострельное стрелковое оружие) had been used.
  6. But if Molly had stayed in her home, she wouldn’t have any home left to stay in.
  7. Bill dreamed of it at the age when everyone would laugh to his face if they could have guessed what was in his head.
  8. If the robber had been someone like Molly Smith, she’d simply have put the chain straight in her pocket and get away as fast as she could.
  9. If Greg could have moved, Greg would have leapt upon me.
  10. If Sally had been with us, the sense of complicity would be cloying.

Упражнение 4. Rewrite the letter, using if-clauses (Third conditional).

third conditional.

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